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It's me, Alison Schmidt

ELEMENOPY is a Northern California-based line of handmade beaded jewelry and occasionally other goods made by Alison Schmidt.

I am always working on my resin/lucite earrings made with vintage and comtemporary materials, which go up every 2-3 weeks in my Etsy shop. If there is anything you missed out on, feel free to drop me a line, and I'll see if I still have it (or if I can whip it up again). I now also have some finished stock of the beautiful woven seed bead Elemenopy Anemone collection in the shop. I always have a million ideas rolling around in my head, so keep checking in on me, or sign up for my newsletter for updates!

I find inspiration in all sorts of places beyond jewelry itself: textiles, clothing, ceramics, prints and paintings, etc. For the past few years, I have had this frenzied desire to use bright colors and wild shapes and combinations of it all. There's nothing better than a huge, bright, audacious pair of postmodern earrings! I love using vintage plastics and lucites for that reason—they allow for some BIG, outrageous, and inexpensive pieces without tearing your earholes out. There are also some really great contemporary resin beads out there that are super interesting, and I love using those too.

Working with seed beads is so fun because of the variety of colors and the many possibilities for movement AND stability. I employ both loom- and hand-weaving techniques, depending on the requirement of the piece. I prefer bold graphic designs over traditional beadwork, so I'm always trying to avoid the norm with my woven pieces. Be it wild color combos, interesting patterns, experimental shapes, etc, I'm just trying to break out of the dang mold, y'all!


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And probably a bunch of idiotic stories ;)